Study Predicts Shift To IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Models At Enterprises

Study Predicts Shift To IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Models At Enterprises

Outsourcing IT infrastructure will be the new norm for enterprises in the years ahead. According to a new study carried out by researcher Vanson Bourne, organisations’ pursuit of efficiencies and growth will tip the balance towards outsourcing from current models, where the majority of IT infrastructure is located in in-house environments.

The study, commissioned by Savvis, a leading provider of managed infrastructure services, estimates that by 2017 almost 70% of IT infrastructure will be outsourced, as enterprises look for ways to trim costs and address issues such as in-house skill shortages. By comparison, currently 65% of IT infrastructure is located in-house.

The survey, which included 550 IT leaders from the UK, Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, projects a hybrid shift in the coming years, with enterprises embracing outsourced cloud through hybrid approaches to co-location and managed-service models.

Almost 90% of the interviewed professionals stated that they currently use a cloud service of some kind. High in popularity turned out to be storage and e-mail applications, used by the majority of IT leaders, followed by services such as cloud for intranet, website and micro-site applications.

Organisations are turning to outsourcing for a variety of reasons. Mostly, the aim is to lower or curb costs, as indicated by 42% of the participants in the poll. Other advantages are the higher-quality service as well as infrastructure scalability and flexibility, cited as important by over a third of IT leaders.

The research also found that non mission-critical applications were at the top of IT decision makers’ outsourcing priority list, ahead of data-centre facilities, storage and content-management applications.

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