Secrets of Power Negotiating, Roger Dawson

Roger Dawson’s book “Secrets of Power Negotiating” came highly recommended, but for me it didn’t quite hit the mark.

Maybe it’s an unfair comparison, but having recently read “Getting More” by Stuart Diamond, “Secrets of Power Negotiating” just isn’t as inspiring.

Having said that, “Secrets of Power Negotiating” does include a very thorough discussion of a host of negotiating gambits.  Some are perfectly OK, while some could be regarded as bordering on manipulative in today’s world.

The book talks a lot about ‘win-win’ negotiating, but some of the tactics described are anything but win-win.  I’d feel comfortable using them in our local market, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable using them in a boardroom.

That to me sums up the difference between Stuart Diamond’s “Getting More” and Roger Dawson’s “Secrets of Power Negotiating”.  Stuart focuses more on the importance of human connections and expanding the deal to create value, whilst Roger looks at how to squeeze a few extra dollars.

Both books have earned a place on my bookshelf, “Getting More” as a great insight into the strategy of negotiating, “Secrets of Power Negotiating” as a series of interesting negotiating tactics that (when used with care) will get results.

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