Seasons Greetings - Do you mean it?

I’m writing this a few days before Christmas, and my inbox is full of emails wishing me and my family season’s greetings.  Except that many of them are thinly disguised attempts to sell me something.  For me, that’s a big no no.


For me, this is an issue of intent.  If somebody is sincerely wishing me well at any time of the year, I’m delighted about that.  But if somebody is using a special time of the year as an excuse to sell, that just hacks me off.

Building trust with clients that you really care about their success takes time and happens in small steps.  Trying to sell under a thin veil of season’s greetings marks you out as a salesman whose primary care is to themselves.

In one way it’s a good thing.  I’m clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ option, often.  So that’s less spam in the future.  Thank you.

What to do?

Will I be wishing my clients, contacts and friends a happy Christmas?  Of course I will.  Because I truly hope they all have a special break for the festive season.

So I’ll email everybody I work with in whatever capacity to convey my heartfelt best wishes.  And I truly hope they receive my best wishes in the same spirit.

Best regards

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