Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

The problem

Do you face any of the following problems?

  • A sales forecast that never delivers what it promises?
  • Lots of early stages deals that never progress to completion?
  • Deals where the value declines as they progress, often to almost nothing by conclusion?
  • A low win rate?
  • A sales forecast you (or your colleagues) just don’t believe or trust?

If you recognise any of the above symptoms, you need to be taking action on your sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Management will put you in control of your sales team and sales process so that you can close more sales faster.

The solution

One of the biggest factors determining the success of a sales team is how well its sales pipeline is managed.  Your sales pipeline needs to show you:

  • One view of your future business.  Specifically, what can you expect to close, when and for how much?
  • How to improve the win/loss ratio
  • How to increase top line revenues
  • How to identify and close ‘Must Win’ bids
  • How to reduce total cost of sale
  • A credible, accurate sales forecast your business can rely on
  • Where your best sales opportunities are, so you know where to allocate resources
  • Which so-called sales opportunities are in fact lost causes and should be stopped to enables resources to be allocated elsewhere
  • How likely you are to achieve your budgets or targets?
  • A consistent view of what is going on – taking account of how individual salespeople either under or over forecast
  • That every deal in your sales pipeline is progressing as you expect and no unexpected events are holding things up
  • Where problems exist – either with a deal, organisation or person – enabling early corrective action before it’s too late
  • Trends that are stopping your business succeeding – for example are the majority of deals stopping a particular point?
  • Where corrective action needs to be taken
  • How you can make your sales training more effective?

Learn how to manage your sales pipeline

This training programme equips you with the tools and skills to be able to manage your sales pipeline effectively.  The programme covers:

  • What is a sales pipeline?
  • How is it recorded?
  • How to agree a common language to promote clear understanding throughout your organisation?
  • The connection between sales process and sales pipeline?
  • Understand the factors that need to be met for a deal to complete and how important each is in your organisation?  Specifically:  Is there an opportunity at all?  Do we have the resources to compete effectively?  Can we win?  Is it worth winning?
  • How to create a powerful tool to help you evaluate your sales pipeline in the context of your own organisation?
  • How to measure your sales pipeline to get a consistent view?
  • How to spot actions needed by deal and by sales person?
  • How to establish key performance metrics and then take action to make them better?
  • How to use various probability models to arrive at a credible sales forecast?
  • How to use win/loss data to improve future effectiveness?
  • How to run sales review meetings to get to the facts and create action plans?
  • What tools can you use to automate the process?

Participant Profile

This training programme is intended for:

  • Sales Management: If you lead, manage, or direct a field sales team and are responsible for ensuring they meet revenue or profit objectives, this course will vastly expand the tools, methods and practices you use to achieve these aims.  This could include:  Head of Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Directors, Commercial Directors, Business Development Executives, Sales team leaders and managers and all those who carry responsibility for achieving or exceeding sales targets and would like their teams closing ratios to improve.
  • Sales Teams: This course will also be of benefit to those sales teams that are good at building relationships with clients but don’t have a proper sales process to help maximise effectiveness.  This could include:  Sales People, Sales Operations, Marketing Teams, Bid Support Teams.
  • Finance: This course will also benefit those that work in the finance function and want to understand how the sales forecasting process works and how it can be made more accurate.  This could include:  Chief Financial Officer, Financial Accounting, Financial Forecasting.

Teaching Method

This training programme is typically delivered face-to-face over a two to three day period depending on the depth required.  The training tools used include:

  • Explanation of concepts
  • Group work
  • Practical exercises
  • Discussion and debate


This programme is delivered personally by Mike McCormac, an international expert in sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching that gets to the root of problems and helps clients implement pragmatic solutions.


  • I think the workshop was very good. The presenter was fantastic and I would recommend him
  • Very good and informative
  • My first sales training which I have enjoyed. I had a few, but this one was the best.
  • It was very useful. Helps to reinforce and introduce techniques.

Find out more

Please get in touch to find out if this could help you.  I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to help you decide if this programme has value for you.

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