Be a Rainmaker - learn sales skills for professionals

Be a Rainmaker – learn sales skills for professionals

Many professionals – lawyers, accountants, architects, project managers – are increasingly finding themselves in business development roles.  Winning new clients can be very competitive, and existing clients need constant nurturing and development to maintain a flow of profitable work.

The term ‘rainmaker’ has been coined to describe these people – they are the professionals who bring new business to their firms.  In doing so, they become the key members of a firm, its growth and its profitability.  Very often they didn’t get here by design – commonly they find themselves in the role as ‘accidental salespeople’.

The problem

Rainmakers are usually very highly qualified people in their field.  But they find themselves very exposed when it comes to the skills of winning and developing clients.

To compound the problem, they are often sales averse, viewing sales as some sort of grubby, disreputable activity they really don’t want to be associated with.  How can the image of a professional lawyer be allied with the skills of a car salesman (The example that always springs to everybody’s mind)?

Increasingly, they all need to be able to bring in new business and win new accounts. In Dan Pink’s new book “We’re All In Sales Now” he estimates this applies to 70% of professionals today.

Interestingly, professionals will have trained for years for their role, but have never been trained in sales skills. And worse, few organisations provide any meaningful support.

What’s changed?

To compound the problem, traditional sales thinking and training don’t help.  Customers have changed considerably over recent years rendering much traditional sales skill thinking to the rubbish dump.  Here are some of things that have changed:

  • Through the internet, customers know much more about potential solutions, options and competition.  Where once the balance of knowledge and power was with the salesperson, now its usually with the customer
  • Because customers know so much more and can easily get advice from peers, they tend to involve salespeople much later in the sales process.  That has significant impacts on what is expected of the salesperson
  • Salespeople are expected to be subject matter experts in the application of their solutions to the customer’s business
  • Salespeople are expected to be able to generate relevant, innovative ideas that will make a customer’s business better
  • Customers demand much better justification of all expenditure meaning salespeople need to be comfortable talking about the specific return on investment of their solutions
  • Customers often expect suppliers to take responsibility for risks in projects
  • As management structures have flattened, decision making has become shared.  This makes traditional objection handling and closing skills completely irrelevant

The solution

Based on extensive experience working with professionals and professional services firms, we have created a training programme that teaches the very latest consultative sales skills in a way that professionals can identify with and use to get results.

Delivered as either a two day course or a three day workshop, the training builds on the natural skills of professionals to become effective rainmakers in their firms.

You will learn

  • The mindset and approach needed to sell
  • To use a sales process designed for today to progress a sale
  • To be able to position yourself as a subject matter expert
  • To be able to agree a unique value proposition with clients
  • To know how to create sales presentations and proposals
  • To conclude profitable sales and negotiate a good outcome


The training covers the following areas:


  • How did I get here?
  • Why I hate salespeople
  • Expert positioning

Attract clients

  • What, Who, How, Value?
  • Why would clients buy?
  • Create an elevator pitch
  • Client magnets

First meetings

  • Research the company and the person
  • Add value from meeting number one
  • Add new perspectives
  • Four questions to get things moving
  • Who else is involved?
  • Is there a reason to keep talking?

Questioning skills

  • Why, why, why
  • Look for numbers and money

Value propositions

  • Pain chain
  • Return on investment
  • Quantitative and qualitative value


  • Ways forward without a formal proposal
  • Sales proposals
  • Tenders


  • Structure
  • Story telling

Concluding business

  • Asking a balanced question
  • Negotiation framework

Participant Profile

This programme will benefit professionals of all types – for example lawyers, accountants, project managers and architects – anybody within a professional services practice with the responsibility of winning new clients and developing existing clients.

Teaching method

This training programme is delivered face-to-face over a two or three day period depending on the depth and level of participation required.  The training tools used include:

  • Explanation of concepts
  • Group work
  • Practical exercises
  • Discussion and debate

The trainer

This programme is delivered personally by Mike McCormac, an international expert in sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching that gets to the root of problems and helps clients implement pragmatic solutions.

Find out more

Please get in touch to find out if this could help you. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to help you decide if this programme has value for you.

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