Sales has changed massively recently, but most salespeople continue to use sales techniques that lost their effectiveness ages ago.  In this online training program you’ll discover eight secrets of today’s sales that will radically change the results you get.

You’ll learn how the eight secrets can:

  • Get customers to WANT to meet with you
  • Build trust with your customers as their GO-TO EXPERT
  • Show your customers the true VALUE of your solutions
  • Build solid propositions your customers WANT TO BUY
  • Close more business and negotiate a GREAT DEAL

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In detail…

Sick of calling but not getting through? Making calls and being told no? Prospects trying to drive the price right down? Or prospects putting off making a decision? And then never getting back to you?

Sadly that’s the day-to-day reality for the majority of salespeople today. It’s because they’re using sales techniques that used to work, but just don’t get results any longer.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you update your sales skills to deal with today’s realities, the results can be very different.

Today’s buyers are savvy, hard-nosed people who know exactly what they want and negotiate hard to get the best possible deal. Or alternatively, they’re super-cautious about taking any sort of risk in today’s world.

That demands a whole new sales approach to get prospects to want to listen, to talk openly about their needs, and to agree to a sensible, profitable deal. These eight secrets will enable you to achieve exactly that.

Aimed at

This course is aimed specifically at salespeople who need to deal with today’s realities and find ways to succeed in our new world.


This course will show you how to develop sales skills that work today.   You will learn how to:

  • Recognise the difference between old style sales skills and new style sales skills – and why the new style works
  • Know why your intent is critical to your sales success
  • Know what customers want, and how to be the sales professional they choose to work with
  • Identify and define your ideal customers and the strengths of what you sell
  • Demonstrate ‘expert’ status to your customers to become their go-to resource
  • Recognise the link between a customer’s problems and the value in your solution
  • Use a simple framework to start new customer relationships
  • Diagnose a customer’s problems and their impacts
  • Use active listening techniques to build trust and understanding
  • Demonstrate the link between the cost of the solution, the value it creates and its return on investment
  • Apply objective tests to qualify sales opportunities to know where best to spend your time
  • Create and deliver compelling presentations of your solutions
  • Create compelling sales proposals for your solutions
  • Use simple but effective ways to gain the customer’s agreement to go ahead
  • Use powerful negotiation techniques to get the best deal for the customer and you

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Secret 1: Mindset and Intent
Unit 1 Old Style Sales vs New Style Sales
Unit 2 What Customers Want of Today's Salespeople
Unit 3 Intent is Everything
Unit 4 Daniel Pink - "We're All in Sales Now"
Module 3 Secret 2: Knowledge
Unit 1 Be Clear About the Problems You Solve
Unit 2 Google Tells You Everything You Need to Know
Module 4 Secret 3: Rapport
Unit 1 Be an Expert and an Equal
Unit 2 Understand problems to demonstrate value
Unit 3 Four Questions to Start a New Business Relationship
Module 5 Secret 4: Questions
Unit 1 Ask Questions to Uncover Problems and Their Impacts
Unit 2 Match Buying and Selling Processes
Module 6 Secret 5: Listen
Unit 1 Listen
Module 7 Secret 6: Value
Unit 1 Value
Module 8 Secret 7: Tell the Story
Unit 1 Qualification
Unit 2 Words to Avoid
Unit 3 Presentations that Persuade
Unit 4 Don McMillan: Life After Death by Powerpoint
Unit 5 Sales Proposals that Win
Module 9 Secret 8: Get Commitment
Unit 1 Get Commitment
Unit 2 Negotiation
Module 10 Summary
Unit 1 Summary of the Course
Unit 2 Other Resources
Module 11 Additional Resources
Unit 1 Additional Resources


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  • “Very useful in gaining a structured approach to business development. Informative and enjoyable”
  • “Everything was so clear, elaborated and easy to understand”
  • “It was GREAT!”

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Normal price $195, special launch offer price until 31 October, just $145!