Many organisations put off defining a strategy, because they think its time consuming and probably ineffective.  So they end up fighting on price, and the business suffers. This online training program teaches an easy to implement framework that will differentiate your business from your competitors to increase your profits.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Be totally clear about WHAT you sell, WHO your customers are and WHY they buy from you
  • Discover how to be noticeably DIFFERENT to your competitors
  • Create real value customers will BUY
  • CAPITALISE on all your assets, capabilities and strengths
  • Get and stay AHEAD of your competitors

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Trying to create great strategy to drive differentiation from your competitors and success for your business?

This course takes you through everything you need to know to create powerful, effective and differentiated strategy for your business that will set your organisation apart from its competitors and drive your success.

Starting out from a description of how to create a powerful business strategy, the course tackles the difficult issues of how to implement a new business strategy in an organisation and how you can overcome them.

Aimed at

This course is aimed at people in influential positions responsible for creating business success and entrepreneurs starting and growing new businesses. There are no pre-requisites, other than a strong drive to see a business perform better.

Course objectives

Create and exploit a unique strategic market position that is differentiated from competitors So that you can attract more customers, grow faster and increase profitability.

  • Recognise that creating effective strategy isn’t a painful process and that having a differentiated strategy will enable your business to flourish
  • Recognise that strategy is about making choices between what you will do and what you won’t do
  • Discover ways to create disruptive strategy to redefine the market to your advantage
  • Construct a unique strategic position using a seven step framework
  • Develop a clear definition of the business you are in (or would like to be in)
  • Determine WHO are the best customer segments for your business
  • Determine WHAT you sell to your customers and how you can optimise that
  • Determine HOW you will go to market to achieve optimum efficiency for your customers and your business
  • Recognise the strategic assets and capabilities in your business and how you can exploit them
  • Discover how to get everybody in the business to support the new strategy
  • Develop your strategy continually to meet changing market needs
  • Use ideas to get past the common pitfalls when implementing strategy

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 What Is Strategy
Unit 1 What is Strategy?
Module 3 Example Of Differentiated Strategy
Unit 1 Example of Differentiated Strategy
Module 4 Strategy Is About Making Innovative Choices
Unit 1 Strategy is About Making Innovative Choices
Module 5 How To Create A Unique Strategic Position
Unit 1 How to Create a Unique Strategic Position
Module 6 Define The Business You Are In
Unit 1 Define The Business You Are In
Module 7 Decide WHO Your Customers Are
Unit 1 Customer Centric
Unit 2 Decide WHO your customers are
Module 8 Decide WHAT It Is You Sell To Your Customers
Unit 1 Decide WHAT It Is You Sell To Your Customers
Module 9 Decide HOW You Will Go To market
Unit 1 Decide HOW You Will Go To Market
Unit 2 HOW and IKEA
Module 10 Identify And Secure Strategic Assets and Capabilities
Unit 1 Identify And Secure Strategic Assets And Capabilities
Module 11 Create The Right Organisation Environment
Unit 1 Create The Right Organisation Environment
Module 12 Develop A Superior Strategic Position
Unit 1 Develop A Superior Strategic Position
Module 13 Summary
Unit 1 Common Traps And How To Avoid Them
Unit 2 Summary Of The Course
Module 14 External Resources
Unit 1 Additional Resources
Unit 2 Harvard Business Review: Find The Next Disruptor Before It Finds You
Unit 3 Harvard Business Review: Simplify Your Strategy
Unit 4 Forbes: Abercrombie And Fitch
Unit 5 Forbes: How Strategy Really Works
Unit 6 Harvard Business Review: The Right Innovation Mindset Can Take You from Idea to Impact

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Normal price $195, special launch offer price until 31 October, just $145!