Sales training for professionals

Sales training for professional services people is essential in today’s business climate. It’s never been more true that everybody in an organisation meeting clients needs to be sales aware.

Modern, involving, effective

Our sales training teaches modern, consultative sales skills that help professionals recognise, shape, justify and win sales.

We use modern workshop methods to involve and engage all the participants. We make heavy use of open discussion and role playing to illustrate all the major concepts.

We strongly recommend a mix of training and coaching to get the best results.

Sales and business training courses

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Business Skills

  • Kickstart Your Sales and Profits: Need to boost sales or profits in your business? Kick-Start Your Sales and Profits takes you rapidly through everything you need to know to sell more and make more profits. Starting from how to create a powerful sales strategy all the way to attracting customers and making profitable sales, Kick-Start is your one stop guide to business success.
  • Create Winning, Differentiated Business Strategy: Trying to create great strategy to drive differentiation from your competitors and success for your business? This course takes you through everything you need to know to create powerful, effective and differentiated strategy for your business that will set your organisation apart from its competitors and drive your success.

Sales Skills

  • Sales Prospecting Made Easy:  Every sales professional wants more prospects to work with. Maybe you wake up worrying about where your next customer is coming from. And at the same time, just about every sales professional hates prospecting.  Learn four powerful approaches you can use to find more prospects both easily and effectively, and create your own personal action plan to fill your sales pipeline.
  • Eight Sales Success Secrets for Today’s World: Sick of calling but not getting through? Making calls and being told no? Prospects trying to drive the price right down? Prospects putting off making a decision? And then never getting back to you? Sadly that’s the day-to-day reality for the majority of salespeople today. Learn a whole new sales approach to get prospects to want to listen, to talk openly about their needs, and to agree to a sensible, profitable deal.
  • Sales for Professionals: Specifically for professionals – lawyers, accountants, project managers, architects – learn the sales skills to be a rainmaker in your professional services firm.
  • Presentation Skills Excellence: Being able to persuade people to take action is one of today’s key business skills. But most presentations fail to persuade – and worse leave their audiences bored and confused. This course teaches a process to structure, create and deliver your presentation in a way that’s interesting and compelling – and very likely to get results.
  • Sales Proposals that WIN! Statistics show that around 90% of sales proposals don’t lead to a sale. This course will teach you how to make your sales proposals more relevant to customers, more effective, more compelling and much more likely to win. Sales Proposals that Win takes you step by step through everything you need to know about how to how to form a bid team, how to identify win themes, and then how to plan, create and review a sales proposal to win more sales.
  • Negotiate Great Outcomes: Negotiation is an essential skill today in virtually every business. Being able to widen a situation to be able to create more value for both sides is a modern and highly effective negotiation technique.

Sales Management Skills

  • Sales Performance Management: Great sales results are the result of great sales management! With the need for ever increasing sales productivity, sales managers need effective tools to deliver top sales team performance. Sales Performance Management teaches the processes and skills that enable modern sales managers to get ultimate performance from sales teams.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: Sales forecast that never delivers what it promises? A low win rate? Lots of early stages deals that never progress to completion? High cost of sale? Sales Pipeline Management is about the processes and skills you need to ensure consistency, accuracy and velocity in your sales pipeline by using enhanced sales processes and qualification skills to improve win rates and reduce costly losses.
  • Sales Incentive Compensation Plans: Most businesses don’t get the return on investment they should on what is often a big spend on sales incentives and commissions. This course teaches you design a sales incentive compensation plan that will deliver your business objectives, customer satisfaction and a motivated sales force.

Download our training course brochure (Opens in a new window)

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