Mike McCormac of Sales Success and More

Mike McCormac of Sales Success and More

This is where you would expect me to tell you how awesome I am and why I am superior to other people in this line of business. I might tell you how I once took on Velociraptors. Or how I travelled to outer space to stop catastrophic alien invasions. The problem is, you might not believe my stories.

So instead think on this.  I want you to enjoy your full potential in sales and business.  I want you to delight customers as you help them buy from you.

The problem is much of what you learn about sales just doesn’t work today.  So I’ve pulled together all the latest, proven thinking about business, sales and marketing into one place to help you succeed.

There are still many sales dinosaurs out there, talking principles that just don’t work any longer.  They haven’t recognised the world has changed, and they cling on to outdated thinking that today will only infuriate potential customers.

So when you want to sell more, get in touch, I’d really like to help you.  From online sales and business training, to cutting edge business growth consulting, I guarantee you two things.  The first is you will be more successful, the second is we’ll have a lot of fun as you too learn how to outwit the sales dinosaurs.

Sales and business success guru

Mike McCormac is a recognised international expert in business growth and sales success.

Mike teaches a variety of business and sales topics in business schools and colleges internationally and has an MBA. His professional career spans several high-profile successful roles in sales, marketing and business leadership.

Mike has worked for some of the world’s largest corporations and won contracts up to one billion Euros in value. He has also worked with many small and medium sized businesses to create, train and implement effective business strategy, sales processes and sales skills to drive growth and success.

Industry Knowledge

Specialist industry sector knowledge includes: airlines; business services; education; financial services; IT services; logistics; outsourcing; professional services; retail; systems integration; telco; travel, transportation and tourism

It’s never easy

In my career I have met many challenges. Like ‘offers’ with no substance beyond a few PowerPoint slides.  Or activity being confused with results.  Or corporate dreams being confused with corporate strategy.  And my real bugbear, internal issues taking preference over customers

I always wanted to get to ‘win-win’ with customers, yet it was often harder to persuade the company than the customer.

Five factors underpin success

From this experience I figured out five factors underpin sales success:

  • Really care about doing the right thing for customers
  • Progress needs a clear vision and objectives
  • Complexity gets in the way.  Reality is simplicity
  • People deserve to be nurtured, developed and belong
  • Constant learning keeps you ahead and underpins success

I tired of corporate life because often the introverted politics of big organisations get in the way of growth and results.  I was sick of games and wanted to do things that matter.  I want to help people find and enjoy their potential, and help companies stop sales prevention and grow.

I’d like to help you

I’d like to work with you to help you figure out:

  • Where you are now
  • What needs to change
  • How to make those changes
  • Where you get to next

Get results with my knowledge, experience and perspective

My knowledge, experience and perspective will get results for you.  I have made the effort to invest in myself to master everything I need to help you.  I also continue to study latest trends and developments to always bring you the freshest, newest thinking,  So you don’t need to do the legwork.

The results speak for themselves. Every client I work with is delighted.

My experience helps me identify practical stuff that works.  I research thoroughly so I’ll always be able to bring you new perspectives that’ll get you results.  Fast.

In a complex world my core skill is simplification.  What are the issues here?  Who do they matter to?  Why?  What needs to happen?

Let me help you find your answers so you can succeed.

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Event Feedback

  • I don’t need to tell you how inspiring, valuable and entertaining your workshop is because you hear it all the time. I am deeply grateful for the precious content you conveyed to us and treasure the experience listening to your energetic presentation
  • An excellent program and I learned a lot from your well organized and presented topic
  • I think the workshop was very good. The presenter was fantastic and I would recommend him
  • Up-to-date and engaging personality
  • Very good and informative
  • My first sales training which I have enjoyed. I had a few, but this one was the best.
  • It was very useful. Helps to reinforce and introduce techniques.


Christian Wielage, CEO at New Horizon Software Technologies:  ”Mike is a tremendous help to our team and the results are in our sales. He comes up with great ideas and insightful ways to look at a problem. He is the straw that stirs up activity and productive discussions in our organization. He also adds an additional layer of accountability to make sure that things get done when we agreed they will get done”.

Shannon Boudjema hired me as a Business Consultant in 2011.  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  “Practical results. Out the gate.  That directly tie to the bottom right number.  Mike had me focused and my business in shape within 30 minutes of our first conversation.  He brought focus and value to all the right areas and left me with a roadmap that could be applied the minute we ended our conversation that worked.  Mike comes with my biggest endorsement and my thanks.  I look forward to our paths crossing multiple times over.”

Marinos Hadjipetris:  “I recommend Mike McCormac with whom I work at ExpoGlobalOnline.com. Mike is a highly motivated team leader and business consultant for the company and a results-oriented individual.  Mike puts theory into action and has a very pragmatic look of the business situation both at the local and the international perspective. He has a variety of skills and qualifications ranging from business skills, to computers, technology, finances, sales, marketing and public relations.  An excellent judge of character and a person that can bring out the best attributes of each individual who is part of his team. He is a very energetic person, with high business ethics and with a great sense of humour. Mike would be a great addition to your team!”

Tim Wells: “Mike is one of the best managers I have worked with in my professional sales career. He is an excellent communicator, manages his people sensitively and empowers them whilst maintaining a firm grip on business in all senses. He is fair and always willing to help his team achieve successes. He is diplomatic and works well under pressure but even then always has time to listen. I would recommend Mike to anyone as an excellent manager”.

Peter Almond: “Mike is a fantastic Director who provides outstanding leadership for all those who work for him. His analytical approach and ability for lateral thinking allow him to create innovative solutions that have credibility and substance”.

JP (John) Allard: “I worked for Mike for most of my time at Steria. He was one of the best sales managers I have worked for, a truly inspirational and a charismatic leader that coaches, motivates and moulds individuals into a highly disciplined team that always achieve, no matter the odds. He also creates a positively charged culture that sends the message to all and sundry that his people are the number 1 team to be with”.

Craig Milner: “Mike was a great sales manager, leading by example with an abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm”.

Jonathan Howell:  “Mike always seeks to deliver precisely what the customer needs, as a business and as individuals. He has an enviable ability to build relationships and rapport.  Mike makes the objective very clear to customer and colleagues alike.  His inclusive approach is compelling and he works hard to engage with and lead the team to a succesful closure”.

Here’s what to do next

If you’re interested in how this could help you, or feel I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, please get in touch for an informal discussion.

There’s no commitment, we’ll just discuss your situation to see if working together might be a good fit. Contact me now.

Best regards