You want to WIN!

Let me help you create the winning sales proposal, bid or RFP response
Sales Success and More can help with the strategy and creation of winning business sales proposals:

  • Facilitating Bid Team kick-off meetings
  • Facilitating workshops to create winning sales proposal themes
  • Researching customer requirements
  • Sales proposal management
  • Sales proposal writing
  • PQQ, RFI, RFP process consulting
  • Internal review process support
  • Facilitating all forms of sales proposal reviews
  • Creation and delivery of effective and powerful customer presentations

With our wealth of experience, we can help you produce winning sales proposals.

Sales Proposals that WIN!

Are your sales proposals winning?

How many more sales could you win if your sales proposals really worked for you?

Statistics show that around 90% of sales proposals don’t lead to a sale.

You can make your sales proposals more effective, more compelling and much more likely to win – get “Sales Proposals that WIN”.


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Here’s what to do next

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