Nokia Lumia or Apple iPhone?
Help. After being devoted to a succession of BlackBerry smartphones for 10+ years, it’s time to move along. But to what? Here’s the dilemma. If you’ve got suggestions or advice, I’d really like to hear it.

The contenders

There are three contenders – the Apple iPhone, some form of Android smartphone or one of the new breed of Windows smartphones.

Let’s take that down to two right away. I rule out an Android phone because every manufacturer has their own flavour of the operating system and therefore there’s no ‘standard’ to adopt.

So it’s a straight fight – an iPhone 4s or a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smartphone. Let’s examine those choices in a bit more detail.

The iPhone 4s

The Apple iPhone 4s is the logical and obvious choice. It works, its hugely popular, there’s a wide choice of apps and Apple design is flawless.


I have two problems with Apple. I don’t want to find myself locked into the Apple world, and I think their products are vastly overpriced (their profits support this view).

We then get into subjectives. Everybody has an iPhone. So how can it be exclusive and aspirational? It’s a bit like a BMW 3 series. Terrific car, but everybody’s got one.

The design is indeed flawless, but I’d say devoid of character and now looking a bit dated. To put this into context, I use a white BlackBerry (A WhiteBerry?) right now to be different.

The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smartphone

I first saw a Windows smartphone several months ago when I had lunch with two friends. One of them had a Windows smartphone, and it was entrancing. I loved the updating tiles, and the whole user interface is just brilliant.

Then came the Nokia Lumia 800, one cool smartphone. And to be extra different you don’t have to have it in black. You can have a turquoise coloured smartphone. That’s different…

On the face of it, a no brainer. Bring on the Nokia 800 Windows smartphone in turquoise please.


There are two serious concerns. Podcasts and upgrades.


The podcasts one is a real problem. I often spend hours in the car, so to pass the time I set up a podcast playlist in iTunes, sync it with the BlackBerry, get in the car, press play and then don’t touch the BlackBerry again until I get where I’m going. (Apart from taking calls of course!)

The Windows smartphone equivalent of iTunes is Zune. Very pretty, but you can’t make a podcast playlist. For me, that’s a showstopper.

There must be an app you can download from the Microsoft MarketPlace, but if there is, it isn’t obvious. Anybody got any bright ideas?


Everybody knows Windows 8 is just around the corner, and the Apollo version of Windows smartphone is the companion product. A totally synced smartphone and laptop? Bring it on.


Nowhere can I find any commitment from Nokia or Microsoft to an upgrade path from the current version of Windows smartphone to the new Apollo version. Am I missing something, or I am running the risk of shelling out a fair sized pile of Euros to buy something that can’t follow Microsoft’s upgrade path? Any ideas?

In summary

I really don’t want to follow the iPhone path. There are Apple disciples, and there are Apple naysayers. I’m the latter.

But the concerns with the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smartphone are enough to make me pause.  My head says iPhone, my heart says Nokia Lumia.

Anybody got any bright ideas that might help solve the dilemma?

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3 Responses to Nokia Lumia or Apple iPhone?

  1. Ian Venner says:

    I had my Lumia as a free upgrade on my personal contract – I work in the industry so get my choice of devices, and normally have several each year. I am seriously impressed with it. In fact I have now forwarded my business number to it (previously in a Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and use that SIM data only in my tablet.

    My son has an iPhone 4s, and I would rather have the Nokia, it does everything I need it to do, intuitively, with no fuss, and is a great form factor to hold.

    It comes down to personal preference, but the Lumia will be running around with me for quite a while right now.



  2. hmmm says:

    Get the lumia 900
    (it will have the best upgradeability to version 8 wp)

    also it performs the best.

    Apples flawless design? (I hope you are making a huge joke)
    It is possibly the worst designed phone on the market for durability and major flaws in technology. pretty interface but thats where is stops.

    • admin says:

      I’d love to get a Lumia 900 – but they’re still “on the way” here in Europe. They do look totally amazing though.

      Apple’s flawless design? Design is a subjective. Personally it’s not for me (you neither by the sounds of things!) but people do bang on about how wonderful it is and how many zillion man hours Apple put into perfecting it. They can’t all be wrong…

      Thanks for your thoughts, Mike

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