Interim Sales Management Solves Sales Problems

Many companies have situations when they need a specific role filling for a period of time, or have a specific project they can’t get done.

That’s the time to think about hiring me on an interim basis.  Here are some of the situations I’ve helped clients resolve:

  • You need change:  Sales isn’t working, and you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at things and drive change. 
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  • Locum sales director or sales manager:  You have an urgent need to manage, grow or develop a sales team.  You want to recruit the right person. I manage the team while you spend time recruiting the right person
  • Sales team assessment:  You know the sales team isn’t delivering what it should be.  I perform an objective assessment of the team and recommend actions to make it work
  • Big deals:  You’ve a big sales opportunity, and you’d like an experienced pair of hands to lead, coach or mentor the team progressing it
  • Sales pipeline review:  You’re preparing a sales forecast, and you’d like an impartial, experienced pair of eyes review the forecast to see what makes sense and identify key actions to secure the numbers
  • Bid teams:  There’s a big proposal to submit, and you need an extra pair of hands to make sure there’s a sound value proposition and a winning proposal
  • Pipeline weak:  You’d like somebody to build relationships at high levels in target customers for your sales team to work with

How does it work?

  • We agree the scope of the work you want completing and some specific objectives.  For complex projects, we may agree some specific review milestones on the way
  • We agree what the project will cost at the outset
  • We agree a start and completion date
  • We agree how and when progress reviews will take place
  • We agree how the work will be carried out – in your offices, remotely or any other way that makes sense

When could your project start?

That depends on my workload at the time.  Call me on +357 99 860 725 to discuss, or contact me.