Sales coaching case studies

A deal wouldn’t close

A deal just wouldn’t close. So we had a sales coaching session to figure out why not.

I asked the sales guy to imagine he was the customer, and think through the issues he might face. In just half an hour he came up with lots of reasons the customer might be feeling reluctant to proceed.

We then figured out how the sales guy could ask the customer questions to figure out what the real issue was.

And of course it worked. The blocks were removed and the customer decided to progress.

Not enough prospects

A new salesman just couldn’t find a way of generating new prospects to help him get established.

We talked it through, exploring the assets the sales guy had at his disposal and how he could use them. We then talked about how he could make himself an action plan, and how he could build the self-discipline and the confidence to see it through.

He committed to a plan of action, and we had regular follow ups for him to talk about his progress and help him find solutions as things got in the way.

And of course it worked. The salesman then had a full pipeline and was able to keep it filled.

Barriers in the company

A whole sales team were able to get prospects, but deals never moved to conclusion.

I worked with the sales manager to help him try to understand the reasons why. By asking the right questions, we highlighted a series of road blocks in the way of the salespeople.

I then helped the sales manager build an action plan to prioritise and then demolish the road blocks one after another so the sales team could succeed.

It took time to change attitudes within the company, but as they changed, so the team succeeded and the rate of change accelerated. Now the sales team consistently performs.

It’s great, but nobody wants to buy it

A cutting edge technology consultancy just couldn’t get customers to buy anything.

I worked with the owner of the company to help him enunciate what his company did, in customer’s terms rather than technological terms.

I then helped him think through the sorts of impacts his services could have on customers, and what the value he could create might look like.

He started to see clearly how his consulting could make a real difference, and sales followed rapidly.

Here’s what to do next

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